Immediately after the war broke out, we took a decision to open our hotel for refugees fleeing from Ukraine as we live in Slovakia close to the border. We maximized our capacity and currently provide accommodation to 90 refugees who are mothers with their kids. They are mostly from Kharkiv and have no place to return to because the city has been heavily bombed. Alongside accommodation, we make the effort to provide food supplies, medicine, toys, clothes, we help with administration, and we also managed to have the kids enrolled at the local school. As anyone can imagine, it is rather hard and financially exhausting to sustain all of it without any government support.

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For donors providing food, clothes and toys, please use our address:
Hotel Garden, Košická Belá 1220, 044 65 Košická Belá, Slovakia

For those kind-hearted from abroad willing to help, we would like to say that we will be endlessly grateful for your donations and all the money will be accounted for and the expenses can be tracked via the online link of the bank account. The upkeep of the hotel includes staff, utilities to be paid for, wood for the furnace (heating), logistics, laundry, cleaning and so forth. Plus, we are then able to order food that is needed on a daily basis. The refugees function as one big family whose members have different tasks and they are incredibly thankful for the support. Nothing can mend the situation better than seeing their fighting husbands, fathers, sons and brothers win the war and providing once again a safe place to return to. We stand with Ukraine and give them support they need. Thank you for being a part of it. Every amount makes a difference!

Transparent bank account
Bank details:
SK61 0900 0000 0051 8965 4202
Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.
Tomášikova 48
832 37 Bratislava

We even set up Bitcoin and ERC20 wallets for this purpose

In case of any surpluses, we will transfer material and financial aid to state organizations or NGOs that need help. Hotel Garden is not currently operated as a hotel, but as a private property providing a refuge to war refugees from Ukraine. Accommodation is completely free of charge for them. THANK YOU EVERYBODY AND WE KEEP OUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR OUR BROTHERS and SISTERS IN UKRAINE !!!